Version 1.0.0!

This is a pretty big release. The main addition is that GLC now has an integrated code editor!


Up to now, you had to edit your sketch in an external editor and then load the result in the browser. This usually meant editing the html file to have it point to your script, although there was functionality to load a file.

Now, all you have to do is launch the app. The editor is built-in. Write some code, and hit Control-Enter to see your changes. I’ve been using it like this for the past week or so, and I love this workflow. It’s so much more direct. Get to know the keyboard shortcuts. They really make things easier.

Of course, if you still love your external editor, that workflow is still possible for now. See the Tips section of the docs.

You’ll also see that a lot of the functionality of the control panel has been moved up to a top tool bar. And the code editor itself now fills the full screen. This is the first move to remove the QuickSettings UI from the app. I love QuickSettings, and it’s served the app well up until now. But it’s a prototyping UI library, not ideal for the long haul. So the rest of the panels may fade out over time as well.

The code editor is from I’m very impressed. I’m only scratching the surface of all it’s available features. So that’s another area to explore and maybe squeeze some more functionality out.

The next big step will be a standalone cross-platform executable. This should take away a few of the poor user experience items like loading and saving files. Loading a file is ok, but saving is horrible. There’s no connection to what your saving and what you loaded, no way to overwrite an existing file or even specify where you want to save a file. There are other things that having a standalone app will help as well. I’m going to be using Electron. I already have a working version, but need to hook up all the stuff that will make it behave more like a native app – like file saving. And then get the multi-OS builds going. Look for it early in the new year.

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