External Editor Support

Version 1.0.0 of GIF Loop Coder added an integrated editor into the UI. Unfortunately, it somewhat degraded the experience for those users who prefer to use external code editors. Version 1.0.1 hopefully fixed all that.

One of the main problems was lack of documentation. It was still possible in version 1.0.0 to add a script tag in the app’s main HTML file that pointed to an external .js file. It just wasn’t obvious. If that script tag is there, it will load that script and run it just like the pre-1.0.0 versions. So I’ve made it a bit more obvious.

The other problem was that if you use an external script file like that, it will NOT load into the integrated editor. So it created this weird dissonance where you have one script in the editor (the basic template) that does not reflect the script that you were actually running. And the tool bar buttons for load, save and compile would override that external script.

And finally, the warning you get when reloading the page was a pain in the neck if you were running an external script.

To combat all that, there is a new glcSettings object defined in the app’s HTML page. That has a useIntegratedEditor property that is set to true. Change that to false and you’re basically back to the old GLC. No more editor, no more toolbar items or keyboard shortcuts for open, save and compile, and no more warnings for reloading.

So now you have the choice. Use the integrated editor or use your own, hopefully with a good experience on both.

Another minor but useful change is that panels now remember the last location you moved them to. No more fighting them continually showing up where you don’t want them. Arrange them how you want, and they should stay that way across sessions.

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