Version 1.0.2

What? Two releases in one day?

The last one had some improvements for the external editor crowd. Hopefully that made things easier. This release is for those who use the internal integrated editor.

Personally, I really enjoy using the new editor. But there were a few hiccups with it. One is that sometimes if you add way too many objects, or you maybe create a for loop that never exits, the whole app can freeze up. And the only way to get out is to refresh the page. And if you didn’t save your code, it’s gone.

So, to handle that, your file is constantly saved. When you restart, for whatever reason, it will be right back where you left it, even if the entire browser crashed. Now you can code away in confidence, and you only need to save out the code to an actual file when you’re really all done and want to archive it.

This change, however, necessitates one more – a way to get back to an empty template. So now there’s a “new” button on the tool bar. This will wipe out whatever’s in the editor and replace with the template. It’ll warn you first, though, to give you a chance to save your work if you need to.

So, internal or external editor user, both have improved workflows today.

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