Version 1.3.1 – template, snippets, console

Version 1.3.1 is up at Main new items:

1. The template used to create a new sketch is now editable. Look in the config folder for template.js and edit that. On Win and Linux that’s:


On OS X it’s:


You’ll have to right-click and choose “Show Contents” on the .app file if you’re going in through the Finder.

2. Editable snippets. Snippet files are in the config/snippets folder. Same steps as in #1. The file name, minus “.snippet” is what shows up in the dropdown. The contents are the snippet itself. Object snippets are all hard coded, but you can add any custom ones you want here. If you come up with some good ones, share them and I might include them. Any ideas on a good way to share them? A separate git repo?

3. Console button. The toolbar has a console button that opens up the dev tools console on the embedded Chrome browser. Useful for debugging your sketch.

A few bug fixes and minor improvements, but those are the big items. I’ll very shortly be releasing 1.3.2 which will include exporting an image sequence. Basically, you choose a folder and file name, such as “animatons/foo.png” and it exports each frame of the animation as a separate numbered image: “animatons/foo_0000.png”, “animations/foo_0001.png”, “animations/foo_0002.png”, etc. It’s all working fine, just need to do some more cross-platform testing.

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